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Vol 2 Photoshop and Adobe Fresco Outline Braid and Twist Brushes by Vegalia

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This is our NEW outline hair brushes for Photoshop and Fresco. These are perfect for comics, cartoons or anime style illustrations.

This set is strictly for Photoshop and Fresco and will work in CSP and Procreate as well but they are only formatted for Photoshop and Fresco.

This is a digital file and you will not receive a physical product.

You'll receive the digital file immediately after purchasing through your email.


20+ Outline Braid, Twist and Bead Brushes for Photoshop and Fresco


You must have the following to use the brushes:

-Photoshop or Fresco

-an Apple Pencil (recommended but not required) or stylus

-an Ipad, Mac or PC

DISTRIBUTION AND RESALE OF THIS PRODUCT IS PROHIBITED UNDER COPYRIGHT LAW. Licenses are for creating your own product with the brush tools, not to resell the brush set as your own. Licenses can be revoked if the end product is deemed inappropriate by seller.

These are not intended for NF/T projects.

Commercial licenses must be purchased if end product is for sale (i.e. webtoon, prints, stickers shirts, etc). And licenses are sold on my page! If you are a large corporation or gaming developer you must email me for a separate license.

However, people that use the brushes for commissions and non-profits organizations don't need to purchase a commercial license. Also, if your webtoon isn't making money right now you can get the personal license and upgrade to a commercial license later!

here are no refunds since this is a digital product but if you have a problem or a concern do not hesitate to email  me at

Can't wait to see what you create with these!

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Vol 2 Photoshop and Adobe Fresco Outline Braid and Twist Brushes by Vegalia

1 rating
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